Translation services

Visa for spouse only

When applying for a visa, the spouse of a Russian citizen must provide an extract from the Personbevis register (Utdrag om folkbokföringsuppgifter) issued by the Swedish Tax Service (Skatteverket). The extract must be translated by a certified translator (auktoriserad translator) and notarized in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Federation. The Visa Application Center now offers services for apostille, translation and translation certification at the Consular department of the Russian Embassy.

The cost of one full package of services for 1 statement with a volume of 1 to 3 pages is 1650 SEK.

Document processing time: from 1 to 2 working weeks from the date of receipt of the original document.

Requirements for the statement:

  • Must be in SWEDISH
  • Issued in the name of the visa applicant with information about the spouse
  • Must be the original with the seal / stamp of the Tax Service, signature and transcript of the signature (usually a personal stamp) of the Tax Service employee who issued the extract.

NOT applicable: statements in English, copies or electronic printouts, statements without a stamp and / or the name of the tax officer, statements with an existing apostille in English, statements issued/translated according to the old rules in force until August 2019.

Visa for spouse and children

If you are applying for a visa not only for a spouse, but also for children who do not have Russian citizenship, you can use one extended Familjebevis statement for all applicants, which contains information not only about spouses, but also about children. There is no need to submit separate statements for each applicant if all the information is available in a single Familjebevis document.

Procedure for ordering an extract Personbevis (Utdrag om fbf-uppgifter or Familjebevis):

  1. Order standard content statements on the Skatteverket website at the link:!/valjare/steg1
    Step-by-step instruction:
    • Page 1: “Till vem?” – choose “Utländsk ambassad / myndighet”
    • Page 2: “För vad?” - choose either the first option "Familjebevis" (visa for the spouse / wife and children), or the second option "Utdrag om folkbokföringsuppgifter" (visa for the spouse / wife).
      Mark “Ja” on the question about the stamp and signature.
    • Page 3: Click on the “Beställ via post” icon.
    • Page 4: Enter the personal number of the main recipient “personbevis” in the format of 10 digits with a hyphen before the last four digits: YYYYMMDD-NNNN.
    • Click on the “Beställ” button.
    Within a few working days, the statements will be sent to your registration address in Sweden.
  2. Order statements of standard and non-standard content by calling Skatteverket 0771-567 567. In this case, do not forget to tell the employee about the required attributes: Swedish, seal, signature, and decryption of the name.