Visa per post

For the convenience of our clients Russian visa centers offer the service of reception documents sent by post.

Step 1

Please prepare required documents according to the type of your visa (including Visa Application Cover letter):


When filling out electronic visa application form on website, please choose the RIGHT place of submission:

Visa Application Center
OR Visa Application Center
Temporarily closed

Please make sure that your invitation is correct and your visa application is filled out according to your invitation and passport. Please provide your mobile number and email in the visa application.

Step 2

Check out the processing time:

APPROXIMATE period for documents processing (in case of a complete set of documents)
Delivery of documents by post Document processing at the Visa Center Document processing at the consular department Return delivery of documents by post In total
Express visa ~ 2-3 days ~1-2 days ~1-3 days ~1-2 days from 10 working days
Standard visa ~ 2-3 days ~1-2 days ~5-10 days ~1-2 days from 15 working days
Multiple entry visa ~ 2-3 days ~1-2 days ~10-15 days ~1-2 days from 20 working days

Step 3

Pack all the documents in a mailing envelop (including Cover letter). Documents for a family or group of applicants traveling together should be sent in one package.

Please send a full set of documents to the Russian visa center in Stockholm or Goteborg at:

Stockholm: Goteborg:
Interlink Service Sweden AB
Klara Östra kyrkogata 2A,
111 52 Stockholm, Sweden
Temporarily closed

Step 4

The Visa center staff can receive your mail at the post office only after receiving a notification from the post office.

If the documents in need of additional information be corrected or explained, we will email you the request.

Please note! If there are mistakes, inaccuracies in the documents, or an incomplete set of documents, the Visa center reserves the right to return the documents.

Step 5

After processing at the Visa center your documents will be submitted to the appropriate Consular department.

Step 6

You will receive notification by SMS as soon as your passport is ready.

Step 7

Payment for this service as well as all necessary fees is made:

- upon receipt documents by post or courier delivery (in case of ordering this service):

Number of passports in one package Mandatory fees* Return delivery of your documents (optional)
Consular fee Service fee Postal processing fee Postal delivery Courier delivery
1 passport refer to visa types refer to visa types 550 SEK 200 SEK 350 SEK
2-5 passports refer to visa types refer to visa types 850 SEK 350 SEK 350 SEK
6-10 passports refer to visa types refer to visa types 1000 SEK 500 SEK 350 SEK

* Please note! Additional services (printing/copying and others) are not included in the price and are paid separately.


- directly at the Visa application center on working days from 13:00 to 16:00 (payment by BANK CARD only, cash is not accepted).